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Greenwood's Guide is THE definitive information source about Great Lakes Shipping
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  • Includes detailed information not available from any other source
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  • Release April, 2022
Greenwood’s Guide is utilized by all segments of the shipping industry — owners, operators, agents, governments, libraries, suppliers, import-export, terminal operators, overseas shippers and more. 

Greenwood’s Guide is available in high-quality print and as a PDF download.

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Tab Sections
Terms & AssumptionsOre Docks
FleetsCoal Docks
Bulk FreightersStone, Sand & Dry Bulk Cargo Docks
Self-UnloadersGeneral Cargo Docks & Stevedoring
Tank VesselsLiquid Cargo Docks & Bunkering
Tugs, Towing & SalvageShipyards - Dry Docks
Cargo Barges & Crane VesselsRepair & Equipment Providers
Package Freighters, Cars & Passenger FerriesOperational Services
Research & Government VesselsEnvironmental
Longevity & Size TablesProfessional Services
Fuel Used by Vessels & HorsepowerSteamship Agents/Brokers, Forwarders/Stevedores
Alternate PowerSecurity & Tolls
Compartment CapacitiesEducation & Training
Port Profiles & MileageContacts
Grain ElevatorsPassenger Cruising
Port, Vessel & Advertiser Index